Third Party Taxi Booking

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Hello, here is why you are always best off calling a cab yourself

1- a third party taxi booking diverts the lines of communication between the dispatcher and the person riding in the car, so for that reason, you want to always be in direct contact with the dispatcher and/or driver.

the more clear the lines of communication are, the better your service will be and the shorter you will wait for your cab.

2- Calling a taxi service should done with a cell phone and never a landline. Using a landline could delay your pickup because an extra layer has been added to your reservation that was not previously there. Using a multi line business phone with a secretary adds even more confusion and delays you getting picked up even more. The less contact we have with the passenger, the more delayed the passenger pick up will be.

3-We want to hear from you, our customers, not a 3rd party, be it a hotel desk staff member, bartender, waitor, hostess or person at a business. It is great if they search for Farmingdale Taxi and Airport Service, and then send it to your cell phone for your usage, but please leave the calling of a cab to the person whom is actually riding in the cab, to ensure the best experience.